Indiancarat.com is the world’s first online facilitator for "Parcel diamond trading". Diamond Traders, Manufacturers and Jewelers from across the globe can use this platform to grow their business and connect with new buyers and suppliers.

Indiancarat.com was created with a vision to democratized the diamond industry, give each player a wider reach and reduce the ambiguity. Indiancarat.com serves as a catalyst for all the diamond and jewelry players. It gives a new dimension and solicits diamond parcel goods marketing for the manufacturers and B2B segment.

The uniqueness of Indiancarat.com is your ability to upload goods with your own precise grading standards.

Like the internet and Mobile which has become an integral part of ones life and like the globe that has become a village in ones palm, we at indiancarat.com dream of making this platform a global market place for the diamond buyers and sellers where they can transact and do business seamlessly giving them confidence and transparency.

Set-in to shine-out......